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Evlove art

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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"Blood Moon" is a captivating mixed media art piece that combines various elements to immerse viewers in an ethereal and otherworldly manner. Crafted from Italian glass mosaic and adorned with meticulously hand-molded octopus tentacles and clay barnacles, this artwork transports you to the depths of the darkness that lies beneath. Resin detailing creates the illusion of water in the eyes of the skeleton, enhancing its surreal, lifelike quality.

Intriguingly, one eye of the skeletal figure conceals a minuscule scuba diver, inviting viewers to explore the mysterious depths with him. The piece features crafted plaster waves that capture the dynamic motion of the sea, further complemented by shimmering crystal accents that glisten like the ocean's treasures. "Blood Moon" is a mesmerizing blend of textures and materials, inviting you to contemplate the beauty and mystery of the ocean's depths.

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