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Evlove art

Boop and Glee

Boop and Glee

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This 3D glass mosaic art piece brings the serenity of a sunset aquatic scene to life. Crafted from a kaleidoscope of meticulously arranged glass tiles, a swimming turtle takes center stage. 

Adding an ethereal touch to the scene is a delicately sculpted 3D firefly perched on the turtle's nose, its radiant glow casting a soft, warm light across the artwork. The whimsical interaction between the turtle and the firefly exudes a sense of harmony and joy, with the turtle appearing delightfully content in the presence of its luminescent companion.

The grout surrounding the mosaic is a canvas unto itself, hand-painted to depict a tranquil sunset sky. Each brushstroke skillfully blends deep blues, purples, and soft pinks, creating a seamless transition from twilight to dusk. "Boop and Glee"  blends form, color, and emotion, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey into the magical realms of the underwater world.

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