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Eternal Rest

Eternal Rest

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"Eternal Rest" is a hauntingly beautiful 3D glass mosaic sculpture that transcends the boundaries of life and death The skull's hollow eyes reveal an otherworldly secret—a sinuous octopus arm emerges with grace from one eye socket, a surreal and captivating fusion of life and afterlife.

The skeleton head is integrated into a vibrant coral reef, meticulously molded from clay to capture the organic textures of the underwater world. Hand-painted details bring the reef to life, with subtle hues and intricate patterns enhancing the authenticity of the marine environment. Real seashells and treasures from the shores of Turks and Caicos adorn the coral, creating a symbiotic relationship between the artistry of the creator and the gifts of the sea.

Adding to the mystique, the "beard" of the skeleton is a fascinating tapestry of reef findings that once washed ashore, woven into the artwork. Real sea sponge contributes to the tactile richness, creating a sensory connection to the marine ecosystem.

Behind this captivating scene, 3D waves rise and fall, sculpted with built-up paint to capture the ebb and flow of the ocean. Resin, poured over the waves, creates pools of water that rest between each undulation, offering a surreal and immersive depth to the composition. The play of light on the resin surfaces mimics the dancing reflections of sunlight on the water's surface, further enhancing the ethereal quality of "Eternal Rest."

This extraordinary piece is a celebration of life's cyclical nature, where even in eternal rest, the beauty and vitality of the ocean persist, weaving a tapestry that connects the realms of the living and the departed.

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