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Opal Odyssey

Opal Odyssey

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"Opal Odyssey" is a 3D art installation that captures the essence of ocean waves in a truly immersive experience. Crafted using a unique blend of cloth and plaster, the piece gives a lifelike movement feel, evoking the sensation of being amidst the rolling tides. At the heart of the installation lies a cluster of exquisitely hand-molded and painted sea polyps, each crafted with clay and delicately embedded with small glowing lights.

As viewers gaze upon the art piece, they are immediately drawn to the translucent resin poured into each polyp, brilliantly mimicking the glistening water of the ocean. The play of light and shadow, inspired by the modern-day sunshine on water, adds an ethereal and almost otherworldly quality to the artwork. "Opal Odyssey" is an immersive representation of the sea's beauty, offering a captivating glimpse into the mysterious and enchanting world beneath the waves.

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