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Step into the serene world of solitude, a captivating 3D art piece that brings the essence of a lily pond to life. The vivid colors of the three giant koi are depicted through meticulous hand-painting on each of the seven resin layers, creating a lifelike 3D effect.

Amidst the floating lily pads, hand-painted in each resin layer, the koi fish create a natural spectacle of aquatic life. Separating the large koi from the smaller ones, plaster-made rocks add a touch of rugged realism to the scene.

Beneath the surface, the intricate roots of the lilies are visible, subtly highlighted by the layers of resin. Delicate pond brush and flowers sway with the gentle currents, adding a touch of vibrancy to the underwater landscape.

"Solitude" not only captures the beauty of nature but also reflects the Japanese significance embodied by koi fish, reminding us that like these resilient creatures, artists too must navigate obstacles with courage and perseverance to bring their visions to life.

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