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Evlove art

"Submerged Soiree"

"Submerged Soiree"

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"Submerged Soiree" invites viewers to embark on an enchanting underwater journey through the porthole of a submarine. This 3D masterpiece skillfully captures the magic of the ocean depths, offering a whimsical twist with an unexpected soiree hosted by an octopus donning a dapper top hat.

The intricately crafted coral reef, is shaped from clay and hand-painted with vibrant hues and sets the stage for this aquatic celebration. Layers of crystal-clear resin build up to create a illusion of the deep ocean floor. The play of light and shadow within the resin layers adds a dynamic quality, mimicking the ever-shifting ambiance of the underwater world.

"Submerged Soiree" not only showcases the artist's technical prowess but also invites viewers to imagine themselves within the confines of a submarine, gazing out into a surreal underwater scene where the unexpected fusion of marine life and a touch of elegance creates a truly captivating and fantastical experience.

"Submerged Soiree" is not only a visual feast in daylight but transforms into a magical spectacle under the veil of night. Carefully integrated battery-powered lighting illuminates the piece, casting a soft and enchanting glow that highlights the details of the underwater world.

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