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Evlove art

Uncharted Reflection

Uncharted Reflection

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This is a 3D piece with a mirror mosaic background and resin flowers painted in captivating color-shifting chrome. Inspired by the interplay of patterns and reflections, this artwork invites viewers on a journey of imagination. Delicate flowers sculpted from resin drippings grace the mosaic, while the color-shifting chrome adds vibrancy and allure. Through this fusion of mediums, the artwork transports viewers to a realm of boundless wonder, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. The mirror mosaic creates depth, while the resin flowers evoke nature's beauty. The color-shifting chrome paint mesmerizes, amplifying the artwork's enchantment. This immersive piece challenges conventions, inviting viewers to explore new dimensions of artistry. By intertwining mirror mosaic, resin, and color-shifting chrome, the artwork dissolves boundaries, inspiring curiosity and igniting the spark of imagination. It is a celebration of inspiration, innovation, and the limitless potential of art. Encounter a transformative visual experience, where reality fades and infinite possibilities emerge. In the tapestry of mirror and resin, discover a captivating fusion that encourages viewers to embrace the power of imagination and celebrate the beauty of artistic expression. 18"x 12¨ 

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